Friday, July 5, 2013

Arcade Gacha Event

As of September 3, 2013

I will trade RARE for RARE, common for common or multiple commons for a RARE.  See anything your heart desires give me a ping.

September 2013 Round

Wish list is complete.  Thank you! While it is complete I am still open for trading.

Haves : RARES for Trade

Lark: Library Wheat x3

MishMish: House

Standby Inc.: Espresso Machine in Blue x2

Apple Fall: Bath-Vanity x2

vespertine: reading armchair/leaf

Schadenfreude Chibi Cat : Happy Maneki neko and Rosa

HANDverk Clogs: rainbow dash, johnny spike

Haves: Commons for Trade

Balaclava: Little Red Toys

Toy Piano: Red, Black, White
Wrapping Station
Robo: Blue, Blanc
Cash Register
Sorting Desk

Apple Fall : Bath

Beauty Is...
Poppies in Vase
Willow Plates

Half-Deer: Carved Animals

Bear: Black
Deer: Fallow, White
Fox: Red, Gray
Owl: Brown, Gray
Squirrel: Gray, White
Trees: Green, Bluegreen, Wooden




Library: Red, Harvest, Sea, Sage

MishMish: Chipmunks

Reading a Story
With Butterfly
Wizard Fan

Standby Inc. : Coffee

Coffee Bag: Vanilla, French Roast, Espresso Roast, House Blend
Coffee Grinder
Lattes: swirlies
Portable Espresso Maker: sky, sun, baby, mono
Stack O' Cups


Nightdress: all colors except peach
Sleeping Masks: Bunny, Fox, Polar Bear, Wings Blue, Wings Pink

D!va: Giz Hair
All Type (A) : Red Amber, Garnet, Citri Topaz, Rhodolite


 The Headmaster, Big H., Commander C

Pixel Mode: Bath

Distressed Stool
Flower Bowl

Schadenfreude: Chibi Cat

Batcat, Bones, Boots, Bubbles, Fatman, Grumpy, Hazel, Hungry, Isis, Kasey, Lafeet, Lissy, Neckbone, Pegacat, Percival, Pumpkin, Sara, Scraps, Snowflake, Supercat, Sweetie, Ziggy

HANDverk: Clogs
Blue Polka, Cherry, Fuschia lacquer, Grape Spike, Hans, Klompen, Morpho Spike, Mum, Mustache, Poppy lacquer, Poppy Spike, Sierpinski, Trip, Vines, Walnut, WhiteWash

June 2013 Round
Haves : Rares for Trade
Pilot : Brown Curio
Vespertine : Broken Birdcage Teal
                    Broken Birdcage Metal
Second Spaces : Poker Set
Tee*fy : Feather Crown Headband
Haves: Commons for Trade
click : World Traveler Poses - 1, 2, 4
The Secret Store : Ragdolls - Beth, Emily, Betty, Peach, Polly
Lisp : Tea Pose - pose 6
Pilot : Curio Black, Gateway Arch, Chichen itsa, Hollywood  
          Sign, Stonehinge, Floating Torii Gate, Leaning Tower
          of Pisa
!O : Teacup Piglet - Original A, B, C, D & E, Teacher's Pet,
                                Sushi Master, Sundae's Best, Steamy,
                                Sinful Bacon, Pork Patrol, Piggy Who?,
                                Ol' Gentleman, Lucky Piggy, Cupid,
                                Cranky Pirate
Vespertine : Fabric Birds - Secret Prize, Songbird turquoise,
                                Songbird canary, Songbird Green,
                                Songbird pinky, Chickadee pink,
                                Duckbird orange, Sleep owl white
af : Breakfast books
Aria : Teacup Planter Succulent Plant sky
Commoner : Photo Album - Dysfunctional Family
Second Spaces : Game of War
HH : Hucci Roadster - Midnight Blue
Tee*fy : Goathead backpack - Black Dots, Vintage
              Summer high-low dress  peach
Alouette : Tropical Getaway - Nightstands, Accessories,
                                               Couch/Rug, Palm Trees,
                                               Hammock/Palm Trees
ASO! : Alphabet Marine Bag - B, D, F, G, H, I, K, L, Q, T, X,
           Alphabet Marine Tricolor - F, G, H, I, L, N, O, P, Q, R,
                                                     U, V, X, Y, Z

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Classic Cougar is now a .com .  I will no longer be posting here at Blogger.  They say change can be a good thing.  We shall see. Please take the following link to the new site. and thank you so very much for reading.  Onward and upward :)